Our team!

At e-Lab, we’re e-Learning experts! We’re your digital ally for any learning technology solutions. Whether you’re looking to implement a new learning platform, improve your existing one, or get advice on best practices, we can help.


We believe that learning should be engaging, interactive, and relevant to the learner. That’s why we tailor our solutions to each client’s unique needs. We follow learning design best practices, and we have a team of experienced web/graphic designers who can bring your vision to life.


We’re passionate about helping organizations deliver impactful learning experiences that make a difference. Let us show you how we can help you achieve your learning goals.

Meet the Team!

David Quintero​

Learning Technology Director

Hi! I’ll be leading our team to deliver a strategic approach to our clients’ projects through learning technology expert consultancy best practices, and ensuring standardized processes for the strategic implementation, customization and support of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

I will become your ally for any learning tech needs!

Nathalia Monsalve

Operations Manager

Hi! I am one of the founders and Operations Manager at e-Lab. I am a Technology Consultant in the e-learning industry and a lawyer as well, however dedicated fully to education since 2017.
I will help you create a strategy with our team to support and manage your training platforms and create amazing content.

Andres Ramos

Web development

I design and develop custom plugins and solutions oriented to LMS, CMS and eCommerce’s projects, also integration between platforms. My work includes the evaluation, design and implementation of products that focus on the client objectives.

Juanita Jiménez

Design Leader

Hello! I am an advertising graphic communicator with an emphasis on digital content. I am passionate about knowledge, creativity and all its expressions. This passion is also shared with the love of aesthetics, shapes, textures, colors and all the representations of the elements around me, making me obsessively curious about compositions and the art behind all things out there.

Cesar Velasquez

Project Manager

As a Project Manager and Learning Technology Consultant, I have created training and deployed learning projects from the ground up. Developing innovative learning methods and maximizing people’s potential is what motivates me the most.

Dani Giraldo

Project Manager

A project manager who loves using technology to enhance learning. I’m dedicated to leading teams and keeping projects on track in a fun and efficient way. With strong communication, problem-solving skills, and the ability to get everyone to work together smoothly, I’m here to make sure we reach our goals, and have a great time doing it!

Next Step

Now that you’ve learn about our team, let us know about you and your organization! Let’s take a look into your learning technology project?