Interactive Course Creation

The global market for digital learning is booming. In 2020, it was worth $8.4 billion. By 2025, it’s expected to reach $33.2 billion. This growth is being driven by the increasing demand for online learning from students, businesses, and governments.


One of the key drivers of this growth is the increasing popularity of interactive courses. Interactive courses are more engaging and effective than traditional plain text e-learning courses, and they are becoming increasingly popular with learners of all ages.


If you’re a creator of content, now is the time to start transforming your content into interactive courses.

How do we create your courses?

The first step is to identify  the available content and defining a vision. To follow great instructional design practices, we follow this process:

Step 1 - Knowledge Transfer

This is where you share with us all the information you have about your course, whether it is in videos, documents, presentations, or any other format. We can also conduct an interview with you so you can tell us everything you know about the topic you are passionate about.

Step 2 - Instructional Design

We begin by creating scripts that define the information that will go into each video, text, activity, or other element of your course. We do this word-for-word, taking into account andragogy, e-learning trends, and internet usability.

Step 3 - Adjustments and Assembly

Once you have reviewed the scripts, we will make any necessary adjustments. Once we have your approval, we will begin the process of production and assembly of the course.


The production stage is where the course comes to life, we already thought about it, and drafted it on paper, now it’s time to bring it to life and we will provide a few examples within our  demo campus.

Understanding your needs, your context and what you dream of with your educational ecosystem and digital content is vital to be able to know which is the best solution for you, so do not hesitate to reach our to us and let’s start developing your interactive course together.

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